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Horton Archery

In this Horton crossbows review we will take a look at the Horton company to learn more about who they are and how they have made a name for themselves as a leader in crossbow manufacturing and design. Horton Archery started out more than half a century ago when Bernard Horton started designing and creating his own crossbows. Mr. Horton had been in the gun making industry for sometime but always had a passion for bow hunting. Realizing that the traditional crossbow, used in centuries past, could never rival the firearms industry for hunting big game he decided to design his own improved, modern Horton Crossbows.

Words soon spread about these new and improved crossbows and hunters started asking about these new crossbow designs that were known for their new technology and accuracy. For the last fifty plus years Horton crossbows have continued to stand out with the best technology and value. The Horton team always listens to customer feedback and works to improve every design to make the most reliable, best performing crossbows on the market.

Let’s take a look at the Horton crossbows to get a better idea of what the archery products are like and to give potential Horton customers a better idea of what is available. Horton crossbows are available in several varieties including the Vision 175 Crossbow, the Team Realtree 175 Crossbow, the Summit 150 Crossbow, the Legacy CS 225 Crossbow, the Bone Collector, the Brotherhood, and the Legacy HD 175 Crossbow. Horton Crossbows are available in several draw weights ranging from 160 to 225 pounds, power stroke ratings of 12 ¾ to 15 3/8 inches and will reach speeds of between 263 and 330 feet per second (fps). The overall length of the Horton crossbows range from 35 5/8 inches to 40 inches with widths ranging from 9 7/8 inches to 30 inches and a total weight between 6.5 and 8.6 pounds. No matter which Horton crossbow you choose you are sure to have a crossbow that is top of the line in one or more categories.

The Horton crossbows are made to be of the best quality and best value. In addition to the best crossbow designs you will also find many crossbow accessories to add to your archery supplies. Some crossbow accessories available from Horton Archery include arrows, scopes and sights, cocking devices, and noise and vibration controls. The Horton website includes a community area in which Horton customers can share advice, experience, and stories.

The Horton Archery website also includes a series of videos to provide bow hunters and archers with an introduction to Horton crossbow products, history, firing and safety tips, and more information regarding arrows and archery supplies as well as many additional videos to cover topics of interest and safety for bow hunters and target shooters alike. Horton archery strives to provide and experience that will provide the best product, service, and knowledge needed for a successful archery and/or bow hunting experience.

Horton Archery provides warranty guarantees for the original owner of their products but a warranty card must be submitted within 30 days of purchase and can be filled out online. The owner must follow all care instructions and can not alter any part of the product or the warranty will be void. Visit the Horton Archery website to browse the online store or use the dealer locator to find a dealer near you. Horton Archery is located in Kent, OH and their website lists a local, toll-free or fax number. Read their Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions or contact them with any additional questions or service requests.